Charlie Fazio, MD

Senior Vice President and Health Plan Medical Director for HealthPartners

As the LAN pivots from a conceptual learning phase into an action and implementation phase, we are helping to align and accelerate payer efforts to transform primary care delivery and payment through a new effort called the LAN Primary Care Payer Action Collaborative (PAC).

What is the PAC?

The LAN launched the PAC in October 2016 to serve as a “national table” driven by public and private payers committed to improving primary care by:

  • Identifying and committing to collective goals;
  • Sharing learning to accelerate action; and
  • Tackling operational barriers to successful implementation of alternative payment models (APMs) with an initial focus on Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+), a multi-payer, multi-region APM demonstration program of the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

The LAN is not able to offer PAC participants any financial support or personalized consulting or technical assistance. This is a voluntary effort and participating organizations are not committed to a broader CMS or private sector initiative.

How were the PAC’s priorities and milestones determined?

Payers participating in the PAC identified their highest-priority issues and challenges for which they need support when implementing APMs. For the initial phase of work, these focus areas align with several target milestones of the CPC+ program and guide the PAC’s work along three tracks:

  1. Designing and assessing regional success in CPC+
  2. Operationalizing data distribution and aligning quality measure sets and reporting in CPC+
  3. Operationalizing CPC+ “Track 2” payments, which involve a combination of capitation and fee-for-service payment, as well as performance-based incentives

As 2017 progresses, the PAC will evolve and adjust focus areas to meet changing payer needs.

Review the LAN’s PAC presentation from the September 9, 2016, CPC+ Payer Summit.

For more information about the PAC, payers may contact Jennifer Sulkin,


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