The APM Framework is the HCPLAN’s landmark achievement, establishing a common vocabulary and pathway for measuring successful payment models. Originally published in 2016 and refreshed in 2017, the Framework classifies Alternative Payment Models (APMs) in four categories and eight subcategories, specifying decision rules to standardize classification efforts. It lays out core principles for designing APMs, which have influenced payers and purchasers, and forms the basis of the annual Measurement Effort. Private payers like Anthem use the Framework to set value-based payment goals, and at least 12 state Medicaid agencies use it to set value-based purchasing requirements in contracts with managed care organizations. Explore the Framework below.

Alternative Payment Model (APM) Framework White Paper:

Released July 11, 2017

Our Goal Statement

Accelerate the percentage of U.S. health care payments tied to quality and value in each market segment through the adoption of two-sided risk alternative payment models (Categories 3B and 4 of the HCPLAN APM Framework).