APM road map

The Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network (LAN) was created to drive alignment in payment approaches across the public and private sectors of the U.S. health care system.  The LAN’s early work focused on recommendations for model design, addressing key topics such as Clinical Episode Payments, Population-Based Payments, and Primary Care Payment Models.  The LAN’s new APM Roadmap initiative builds on this prior work, while focusing more closely on operational guidance for implementing successful APMs.

The APM Roadmap is an implementation guide to accelerate the creation and adoption of successful APMs by diffusing the following information:

  • criteria to evaluate the success of APMs
  • best practices/correlates from high-performing APMs
  • approaches for implementing successful APMs

The Roadmap will be produced by a multi-stakeholder Work Group, comprised of experts with extensive experience in the design and implementation of APMs. The Work Group will first focus on defining a set of criteria that will be used to characterize a high-performing or successful APM (as opposed to criteria that characterize high-performing provider groups that participate in APMs). These success criteria will then be used to identify high-performing APMs that have been implemented in the United States. Discussions with participants from these APMs will be used to identify the best practices they used to achieve success.

The Roadmap will also capture lessons learned from APMs that did not thrive and were unable to meet the identified success criteria. All of these implementation approaches will be captured in the Roadmap to describe the activities and objectives that need to be accomplished to operationalize a successful APM.


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