What is the Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network?

The Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network (HCPLAN or LAN) is an active group of public and private health care leaders dedicated to providing thought leadership, strategic direction, and ongoing support to accelerate our care system’s adoption of alternative payment models (APMs). The LAN mobilizes payers, providers, purchasers, patients, product manufacturers, policymakers, and others in a shared mission to lower care costs, improve patient experiences and outcomes, reduce the barriers to APM participation, and promote shared accountability.

Since 2015, health care stakeholders have relied on the LAN to align them around core APM design components, host forums and summits to share information and inspire action, build consensus among leaders, and measure the progress of APM adoption. The LAN will continue to be a trusted partner that connects the public and private sectors, identifies and shares best practices, and guides the field in rapidly moving to value-based care.


The LAN will advance multi stakeholder payment
reforms to enable coordinated health care that
achieves better health, equity, and affordability


Improved and equitable health outcomes,
resulting in overall lower total cost of care


Greater investment in and adoption of effective accountable care arrangements and increased number of individuals attributed to accountable care relationships across lines of business

Development and scaling of payment structures and design elements to promote care models that deliver improved and equitable outcomes

Scaled adoption of shared APM design elements across stakeholders (including purchasers, payers, providers, and patients)

Our Goal Statement

Accelerate the percentage of US health care payments tied to quality and value in each market segment through the adoption of two-sided risk alternative payment models (Categories 3B and 4 of the LAN APM Framework).


How We Achieve Our Mission

Since 2015, the LAN has empowered the public and private sectors with a common framework for classifying APMs, published an interactive tool for designing APMs, measured the annual progress of adoption, and hosted annual summits to connect stakeholders. Please explore the modules below to learn more about how we have led the movement to transform health care payment.


LAN Executive Forums connect influential public and private sector leaders committed to aligning their efforts, sharing insights, and providing guidance on how to accelerate payment reform.

Chart from APM Framework


The APM Framework establishes a common vocabulary categorizing payment models, and helps stakeholders track progress on payment reform.

Thumbnail of APM Roadmap materials


LAN initiatives help develop key insights, promising practices, and strategies for designing and implementing successful APMs.

Graphics from the APM Measurement Report


Since 2016, the LAN has conducted a robust annual APM Measurement Effort to assess nationwide adoption of APMs and progress toward payment reform goals.

LAN Summit logo


The LAN Summit is the landmark payment reform event that brings stakeholders from across the health care landscape together to network, learn, and share strategies to transform payment.

Image of LAN documents

Foundational Resources

Explore our collection of fact sheets, reports, infographics, white papers and more that form the foundations for understanding payment model reform.