Designing APMs that are person centered, outcomes-driven, and equitable

Alternative payment models (APMs) present a significant opportunity to incentivize changes in delivery to help make care more accessible, drive better patient outcomes, and reduce inequities in both care and outcomes. Multi-stakeholder collaboration is necessary to seize this opportunity and align the design and implementation of APMs that advance health equity. We all have a role to play — payers, purchasers, providers, community-based organizations, and other stakeholders must come together with individuals, families, and their communities to address health inequities.

Call to Action: Advancing Health Equity Through APMs

The HCPLAN calls on private and public payers, purchasers, providers, community-based organizations, individuals, families, and their communities, and other relevant stakeholders to come together to eliminate health inequities. The HCPLAN encourages these groups to begin incorporating design elements that advance health equity into new and existing APMs in an aligned manner.

Call to Action: Initial Steps to eliminate health inequities