Our Spotlight on Action podcast series highlights LAN stakeholders’ work on the ground to affect positive change in the nation’s healthcare system. Through leading alternative payment model (APM) adoption, to addressing systemic disparities in both access and quality of care, LAN stakeholders are passionate about improving the healthcare system for everyone.

These are their stories from the front line of healthcare transformation.

Spotlight on Action Episodes

EPISODE 5: Meeting Patients Where They Are in a Value-Based Care System, featuring Dr. Chris Chen, ChenMed

Dr. Chris Chen, CEO of ChenMed and a LAN CEO Forum member, joins host Aparna Higgins, Senior Policy Fellow at the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy at Duke University and Senior Advisor to the LAN, for an in-depth conversation that covers topics such as why risk must be two-sided, how value-based providers fared during the COVID pandemic, and Dr. Chen’s own experiences as both a COVID patient and a provider. The episode also delves into social determinants of health, how value-based payment systems and two-sided risk can promote health equity, and the better outcomes ChenMed patients experienced during COVID due to ChenMed’s risk and value-based approach.

EPISODE 4: At the Intersection of Equity and APMs, featuring Dr. Marshall Chin, HEAT Co-chair

Host Aparna Higgins, senior policy fellow, Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy at Duke University and senior advisor to the LAN, interviews Dr. Marshall Chin, HEAT Co-Chair. Dr. Chin shares how Dr. Chin shares how APMs and other value-based payment models can contribute to and improve health equity. The conversation also delves into the issues of social determinants of health, incorporating health equity into APM plan design, and highlights some of the key points of the HEAT’s recently published guidance document, Advancing Health Equity through APMs.

EPISODE 3: Healthcare Resiliency – Lessons from the Front Lines

EPISODE 3, PART 3: Marc Harrison, Intermountain Healthcare 

Marc shares his insights on the benefits of transitioning to APMs, how to advance health equity, and what COVID-19 has revealed about the nation’s healthcare system. 

EPISODE 3, PART 2: Emily Brower, Trinity Health 

Emily shares how Trinity Health is responding to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of considering health equity in care delivery, and how APMs can support resiliency during public health emergencies. 

EPISODE 3, PART 1: Will Shrank, Humana

Will shares how Humana is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, eliminating barriers to telehealth, and how healthcare is evolving to address equity, access, and inclusion.

EPISODE 2: Meeting Patients Where They Are: A Community-Based Approach to Overcoming Health Barriers,
Featuring Dr. Andrea Gelzer and Karen Dale, AmeriHealth Caritas

Host Jeff Goldman, Director of the LAN through the MITRE-operated Health FFRDC, interviews Dr. Andrea Gelzer, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for AmeriHealth Caritas, and Karen Dale, Market President of AmeriHealth Caritas District of Columbia. In this episode, they share how their organization is responding to issues of equity and access while promoting value-based payment initiatives to improve outcomes.

EPISODE 1: Aligning Healthcare Value with the Nation’s Values,
Featuring Frederick Isasi, Families USA  

Host Aparna Higgins, LAN Senior Advisor and a Senior Policy Fellow at the Duke Margolis Center for Health Policy, interviews Frederick Isasi, Executive Director at Families USA, one of the nation’s leading nonpartisan nonprofit healthcare advocacy organizations. In this episode, Aparna and Frederick take a deep dive into health equity and discuss creating solutions to reduce disparities in the U.S. healthcare system through APMs and value-based payments.