LAN Primary Care Payer Action Collaborative (PAC)


Charlie Fazio, Senior Vice President and Health Plan Medical Director for HealthPartners

As the LAN pivots from a conceptual learning phase into an action and implementation phase, we want to accelerate payer efforts to transform primary care delivery and payment as part of a new effort called the LAN Primary Care Payer Action Collaborative (PAC).

What is the PAC?

The LAN developed the PAC to serve as an action collaborative for public and private primary care payers participating in multi-payer primary care payment models. The purpose of the PAC is to better enable payer collaboration to develop systems and solutions for implementing sustainable primary care APMs. The PAC provides an environment that offers support and resources for payers who are developing solutions to the challenges that occur in primary care alternative payment model (APM) implementation, including alignment of data sharing systems, quality measurement implementation, and benchmarking and patient attribution strategies. While organizations may be at different stages of designing, testing and implementing APMs, the LAN is committed to working with all participating organizations regardless of where they fit in that spectrum.

The LAN is not able to offer PAC participants any financial support or personalized consulting or technical assistance. This is a voluntary effort and participating organizations are not committed to a broader CMS or private sector initiative.

How are the priorities and milestones determined?

The PAC serves as a resource for both public and private payers participating in multi-payer primary care APM efforts, including payers in the CPC+ regions. The LAN and the CPC+ team at CMMI have developed an initial set of payer milestones or goals in areas such as quality measurement alignment and multi-payer data aggregation for discussion. Payers participating in the PAC will identify their highest priority topics and challenges for which they are seeking support when implementing APMs. The LAN will facilitate a PAC participant-driven agenda to assist the payers with developing and aligning their efforts to reach their goals. PAC participants will decide on the specific priorities for their regional markets that they believe will help them reach the larger, national milestones.

What are the examples of current multi-payer primary care APM initiatives?

The Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) initiative was launched by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) to support the coordination of payment across CMS, private insurance plans, and State Medicaid agencies.

The State Innovation Models (SIM) Initiative was also launched by CMMI and provides states with financial and technical support to develop and test multi-payer health care payment and service delivery models aimed at increasing quality of care and decreasing costs.


Learn more about the PAC (PDF)

Review the LAN’s PAC presentation and materials from the September 9, 2016 CPC+ Payer Summit

For more information about the PAC, contact Lauren Icard, PAC Lead,