The Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network (LAN) invites your feedback and comments on two draft white papers that are now open for public comment through Monday, May 23.



Your Feedback is Important

Not Your Mother’s Maternity Payment Model

The draft white paper from the Clinical Episode Payment (CEP) Work Group, entitled, Accelerating and Aligning Clinical Episode Payment Models: Maternity Care, provides recommendations for designing episode payment for maternity care with the goal of improving patient care and outcomes for women and babies, while reducing costs. To help inform the recommendations, the LAN searched the field for examples of promising practices and lessons learned in order to provide a multi-layered approach to promote alignment across models. Constructing the recommendations in this way allows for greater flexibility to adapt to local market conditions.

The draft white paper on maternity care offers recommendations for how to design a person-centered maternity episode payment model that emphasizes the inclusion of patient engagement, education, and parenting support services, in addition to clinical maternity care, to achieve a number of critical goals. These include increasing the percentage of full-term births and the percentage of vaginal births, while decreasing the percentage of pre-term and early elective births, complications, and mortality. The paper also addresses a number of operational considerations that significantly impact the implementation of clinical episode payment. The recommendations are designed to speak to a multi-stakeholder audience with the goal of supporting broad clinical episode payment adoption.


Performance Measurement for 21st Century Payment

The draft white paper from the Population-Based Payment (PBP) Work Group, entitled Accelerating and Aligning Population-Based Payment Models: Performance Measurement, is grounded in the notion that payers, providers, purchasers, and patients should be collectively accountable for ensuring that the health care system delivers the highest possible value. The paper offers a way forward that could lead to radical change in how performance is measured across the board in order to enable effective population-based payments. To that end, the paper makes strong recommendations for immediate action steps, describing four key performance measurement principles and seven recommendations for building and sustaining a performance measurement system that supports and encourages collaboration among stakeholders.


What Feedback Are We Seeking on Both Papers? 

Your comments will help to refine the final white papers, which are targeted for release this summer. In addition to input about the overall white papers, the LAN is seeking feedback on:

  • Feasibility or challenges in implementing these recommendations
  • Key gaps or unintended consequences as a result of the recommendations, and ideas for mitigating them
  • Ideas for additional tools or resources needed
  • Ideas for refining recommendations based on specific experience or lessons learned
  • Examples for illustrating key recommendations


How Will We Collect Feedback?

The LAN is collecting feedback in three ways:


The Work Groups request feedback on both draft white papers by Monday, May 23. We appreciate your involvement and look forward to your input.


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