Paying Providers for Value: The Path Forward originally appeared in the Health Affairs Blog. The Blog, produced by Dr. Samuel Nussbaum, among others, features commentary and analysis on health policy and issues affecting health and health care. Excerpts from this article include:

    “Among stakeholders in the U.S. health system, there is an emerging consensus that the traditional methods used to pay health care providers tend to hinder their ability to deliver person-centered care by favoring volume over value.”

    “The release of the Alternative Payment Model (APM) Framework White Paper marks an important milestone in the progress of the Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network (LAN) toward its goal: driving new and innovative health care payment models that promise to improve the quality and value of health care. The White Paper was developed over the course of several months by the LAN’s Alternative Payment Model Framework and Progress Tracking (APM FPT) Work Group and its Guiding Committee (GC), representing a wide range of private payers, large employers, providers, patients, consumer groups, and state and federal partners. It establishes a common framework and a set of conventions to facilitate discussions among stakeholders and expedite the generation of evidence-based knowledge about the capabilities and outcomes of APMs.”

    Please note that guest blogs from Guiding Committee and Work Group members represent the views of the individual authors and do not represent official positions of the Guiding Committee, Work Groups, CAMH, or CMS.

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