Alternative Payment Model Framework and Progress Tracking Work Group

Note: Comment Period is Now Closed

The APM FPT Work Group has released its Draft Framework White Paper and now invites your comments. The White Paper describes the approach that the Work Group used to develop the proposed APM Framework, and then delineates and describes principles upon which the APM Framework is based. With these principles in mind, the paper differentiates payment model categories within the APM Framework, by explaining how the categories are defined and where the boundaries between them lie. In order to further clarify the classification of individual APMs, case studies are being collected to exemplify each of the categories and subcategories in the APM Framework, with a starting set included in the appendix.

Information and positions taken in this document should be considered preliminary until the Work Group receives input from the LAN and releases a final version of the White Paper. Future iterations of the White Paper will include an Executive Summary and a conclusion that summarizes the Work Group’s key findings and implementation goals.

Your comments will help to refine the final draft of the White Paper which is targeted for release later this year. In particular, the Work Group is seeking feedback on:

  • The overall White Paper and proposed framework
  • Descriptions associated with each category
  • The boundaries that differentiate one category from another
  • Additional examples and case studies you can provide to illustrate and test each category in the framework


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