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        CONNECT  SUBSCRIBE    FORWARD NEWSLETTER | SEP. 24, 2018 Feature Story  |  LAN Summit  |  Keynote Announcements  |  LAN Progress |  Partners in the Spotlight
    Multipurpose Email Newsletter Templates CONNECT  SUBSCRIBE    FORWARD NEWSLETTER | June 20, 2018 Feature Story  |  LAN Progress | Of Interest  {IN THIS ISSUE} 2018
    Multipurpose Email Newsletter Templates CONNECT     SUBSCRIBE    FORWARD NEWSLETTER | March 16, 2018 Feature Story  |  LAN Progress | Of Interest  {IN THIS ISSUE}  LAN
    CONNECT               SUBSCRIBE    FORWARD December 20, 2017 IN THIS ISSUE  Integrated Physical and Behavioral Care,  APMs in Rural Communities, Value-Based Prescription Drug Payment
    A new article describing the importance and utility of the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN) APM Framework
    Seema Verma, Administrator of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, delivered the opening plenary address at the 2017 LAN Fall
    CONNECT SUBSCRIBE FORWARD NEWSLETTER | September 20, 2017 Feature Story | LAN Blog | LAN Progress | Of Interest {IN
    Colorado provides a notable example of public and private collaboration, with lessons learned over the past five years that may
    Since holding its first virtual meeting on the topic of “Making the Business Case for Maternity APMs,” the MAC has
    The need for payment reform is critical, but the process is fraught with risk and confusion for physicians and medical
    CONNECT SUBSCRIBE FORWARD NEWSLETTER | JUNE 20, 2017 Feature Story | LAN Blog | Upcoming Events | LAN Summit |

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