Commercial health plans, Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), state Medicaid agencies, Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, and Traditional Medicare voluntarily participated in a national effort to measure the use of Alternative Payment Models (APMs) as well as progress towards the LAN’s APM 2030 goals by line of business. For the full 2023 APM Measurement Survey results, review the 2023 Methodology and Results Report.

2023 APM Measurement

Aggregated APM Payment Data

Review the 2023 APM results for payments made during calendar year (CY) 2022 for all LOBs combined. The payments from 64 health plans, four states, and Traditional Medicare were categorized based on the LAN APM Framework.

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Trends Over Time

Since its inception in 2015, the LAN has measured the amount of U.S. health care payments that flow through APMs. Over time, the LAN refined its measurement process to examine APM adoption by LOB and payments by subcategory within the four categories of the LAN APM Framework.

Lives in Accountable Care Arrangements
This year the LAN introduced metrics across all LOBs aimed at counting the lives in a care relationship with accountability for quality and total cost of care. APMs included in accountable care arrangements are Categories 3 and 4.

Percent of Lives in Accountable Care Arrangements by LOB
2022 Data Year
In 2022, 36.1% of the lives represented by data contributors were covered in accountable care arrangements, across all LOBs.


2023 APM Survey

Health Equity

2023 Health Equity