Commitment Statement:

    Aver’s mission is to simplify value-based healthcare. We provide technology solutions and strategic support to help healthcare payers and providers design, implement, and operationalize value-based healthcare and bundled payment programs. We commit to leveraging our tools and insights so that organizations can achieve a rapid and measurable increase in the percent of payments operating under value-based arrangements.


    • Provide payers the analytics needed to price bundled payments.
    • Provide payers the strategy and support necessary to successfully go to market with priced episodes of care.
    • Once the bundled payment contracts are signed, Aver’s analytics allow payment reconciliation and provider performance reporting.


    • Educate members/stakeholders/consumers on the importance of APM adoption
    • Provide written and technical resources and assistance in support of APM adoption
    • Encourage business associates to operate under value-based payment arrangements/APMs
    • Provide leadership on and participation in LAN committees and workgroups


    Aver Inc.

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