Welcome to the APM Roadmap Video Series. This series breaks down the Roadmap for Driving High Performance in Alternative Payment Models into smaller, focused segments to help you design and implement successful APMs.

    The Roadmap is an interactive, web-based tool to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities of APM implementation. The Roadmap is full of key insights, promising practices, and the most current strategies for designing and implementing successful APMs. To get the most out of this series, make sure you’re familiar with the APM Framework, because we’ll be referring to its categories as we break down payment models.

    Below you will find videos detailing the three domains of the Roadmap tool: APM Design, Payer-Provider Collaboration, and Person-Centered Care. Please share these videos with your network, and as always, visit the tool for more information on any of the perspectives, strategies, and promising practices we covered in these videos.

       APM Design

    Chapter 1 : Structuring Payments in Population-Based and Clinical Episode Models

    Chapter 2 : Shared Accountability in APM Design

    Chapter 3 : Quality Measurement

    Chapter 4 : Multi-Payer Alignment

    Roadmap Video Series: APM Design Chapter 3

    Roadmap Video Series: APM Design Chapter 4

    Roadmap Video Series: APM Design Chapter 2

    Roadmap Video Series: APM Design Chapter 1

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