In order to build momentum around this new framework, the LAN has secured commitments from a range of healthcare organizations – including state governments, health plans, large and small healthcare providers, and large employers – to pursue many of the reforms outlined in the framework. As a demonstration of these commitments, organizations have signed onto the following statement:

“Our organization is committed to a healthcare system that is responsive and resilient to events such as the unprecedented COVID-19 public health emergency. We commit to achieving better patient experience, access, health outcomes, equity, quality, appropriateness, and affordability in the recovery from the crisis – not just a return to previous models of care and payment. In collaboration with other payers, providers, employers, and patient/consumer groups, we will lead the way through actions that help sustain and accelerate our transition to effective APMs, including those that incorporate population-based payments with prospective cash flows. In doing so, we will prioritize three resiliency areas:

  • Recognizing that resiliency is dependent on addressing root causes that contribute to poorer health outcomes for at-risk populations, promoting equity in healthcare through intentionality in APM design and implementation that emphasizes measurement, adequacy in payment, addressing social determinants of health, and implementing other evidence-based interventions;
  • Calibrating population-based APMs to account for varying needs for capital and other non-financial supports among differing types of providers with differing levels of resources and capacity, while ensuring comparable and transparent information on quality and costs at the provider level;
  • Advancing whole-person, person-centered care through increased clinical integration of primary, specialty and other care into accountable primary care, with a particular emphasis on behavioral health and the use of virtual care and other novel care delivery modalities.

Our organization is committed to authentic patient and family participation in APM design and implementation.”

Can you commit to this statement?

Thank you to these organizations that have signed on to the above Shared Commitment Statement.