Healthcare Resiliency Framework

Slide The LAN Healthcare Resiliency Collaborative The HCP-LAN launched the Healthcare Resiliency Collaborative to articulate and commit to the most important short and long term actions that can be taken to achieve resiliency in the healthcare system. Resiliency Framework Shared Commitment Individual Commitments VIEW VIEW

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The vision of the LAN is to create a health care system that is responsive and resilient to events such as the unprecedented COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE) and achieves better patient experience, outcomes, equity, quality, appropriateness, affordability and accessibility at reduced total cost of care– not just a system that recovers to previous models of care and payment. In collaboration, payers and providers can lead the way through actions that shift payments from FFS approaches that have not worked well in the pandemic and into effective APMs. The below framework describes key actions that payers, providers, and multi-stakeholder groups can take in both the short-term and medium- to long-term to promote more resilient, effective APMs. The actions are inter-related and an organization’s strategy for resiliency is likely to involve a combination of the actions.

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