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Setting organizational goals and taking action to accelerate alternative payment model (APM) adoption moves us all forward. Sharing our collective goals and measurable results with the LAN helps build momentum for payment reform as a driver of quality and cost outcomes.

Become a LAN Committed Partner

Submit Your LAN Committed Partner Agreement

  • Review other LAN Committed Partner Goals
  • Define your organization’s measurable goals and priorities, then craft a statement describing your support of APM adoption
  • Complete your agreement with your commitment to action
    • Health plans, healthcare providers, private employers, state agencies, and ACOs click here
    • All others click here
Work with LAN Staff
Upon submitting your agreement, LAN staff may contact you with suggestions to help align your goals and actions with the LAN’s focus on payment reform.
Share Your News
Once you have been recognized as a LAN Committed Partner, you are encouraged to raise awareness of your support of the LAN mission by making a public statement, issuing a news release, featuring your commitment on your organization’s website, and/or engaging in social media announcements.
Contact Us
The LAN is interested in hearing feedback from those implementing LAN recommendations. Please reach out to share your experience or let us know resources that would be helpful to support your efforts.
 LAN Outreach Contact: Cathy Becker at

Questions and Answers

What does it mean to be a LAN Committed Partner?

“Committed Partner” is a designation for organizations that have made a commitment to the LAN regarding their goals and activities to accelerate effective alternative payment method (APM) adoption. LAN Committed Partners are encouraged to implement or utilize LAN recommendations and provide feedback to the LAN.

Who can become a LAN Committed Partner?

Any organization that can commit to action – to implement, promote, encourage, or educate – on APMs can become a LAN Committed Partner. Whether you’re a health plan or provider, private employer or state agency, association or advocacy group, vendor or manufacturer, quality improvement organization or consultant, LAN Committed Partners represent leadership from a wide variety of organizations.

Why become a LAN Committed Partner?

Accelerating the adoption of effective APMs isn’t easy and can’t happen overnight. We all need to work together to realize success. By becoming a LAN Committed Partner, you obtain recognition for your leadership and commitment to action. You will stand with like-minded organizations that are building momentum to improve quality and cost outcomes for patients across the nation. LAN Committed Partners may also be invited to participate in LAN activities.

To Commit to ACTION,

Complete your Agreement

  • Health plans, healthcare providers, private employers and state organizations click here
  • All others click here

Contact Cathy Becker,
LAN Outreach Lead

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LAN Committed Partners

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