Alternative Payment Model (APM) Framework Refresh

Alternative Payment Model (APM) Framework White Paper
Refreshed 2017

Report: Released July 11, 2017


This white paper puts forward an alternative payment model (APM) framework that can be used to track progress on payment reform along a path that supports person-centered care. First published in January 2016 and modified in 2017 to reflect fast-moving developments in the APM landscape, the Framework establishes a common nomenclature for defining, implementing, and sharing successful payment models and has been widely adopted across the health care ecosystem. The 2017 update makes changes to Framework subcategories, clarifies payment reform goals, and identifies ways to increase APM adoption among small, rural, and safety-net providers.


Publication Info

Publication date: July 11, 2017
47 pages

Suggested Citation: Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network. Alternative Payment Models (APM) Framework.
July 11, 2017.


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Archival Materials

Draft APM Framework Refresh paper (May 2017): Alternative Payment Model (APM) Framework 

Original APM Framework paper (January 2016): Alternative Payment Model (APM) Framework

Original APM Framework One Pager (January 2016): Alternative Payment Model (APM) Framework