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    December 20, 2017


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    Value-Based Prescription Drug Payment



    Maternity Care Episode Resource Bank Now Available

    To accelerate the movement toward maternity episode payment models, the LAN operated the Maternity Multi-Stakeholder Action Collaborative (MAC) from December 2016 through September 2017. The MAC’s goal was to accelerate the adoption of maternity care alternative payment models (APMs) that improve outcomes and care experience for mothers and babies, and reduce the cost of care. The operating framework for this was the LAN’s Clinical Episode Payment (CEP) White Paper maternity recommendations. Over the past ten months, the MAC hosted nine virtual meetings where participants shared knowledge and expertise on topics related to design and implementation of maternity episodes, including making the business case, selecting and using quality measures, determining services and population, developing the episode budget, working with Medicaid Managed Care organizations, and others.

    This resource bank provides a one-stop-shop for maternity care episode model resources including the LAN CEP white paper maternity recommendations, and MAC virtual meeting slides, e-books, and summaries. We encourage you to use this information and to keep the LAN informed of your work in designing and implementing maternity APMs.

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